New Year, New Beginning

I’ve never been a New Years Junkie. Not one to make big plans for New Years Eve, nor make grand resolutions. I’ve always found it interesting how the New Year somehow signifies some great change for all of us. Here’s the thing, I’ve read the books, I get it. Accomplishing New Year’s resolutions is about goal setting, willpower, being realistic, and a multitude of other things. The trouble is, “life happens” in between all of our wants for the new year. Then when November/December roll back around, we are left with this feeling of disappointment that we have somehow failed. For me… I’ve chosen to not set new year’s resolutions in the past to avoid that looming failure. Can’t fail if you don’t try, right? Truth is, you can and do. I’ve realized in recent months that the inability to take risks in life is the epitome of failing. I’m not talking about risking your life savings on a half-cracked business venture or putting your family or health at risk. I’m talking about calculated risks that have the potential to lead to new opportunities and experiences. Obviously there is a chance those risks will crash and burn (like this blog idea of mine). But it’s not about the end result, it’s about what might present itself along the way. There is also a chance there might not be any noteworthy change or discovery, but its like winning the lottery, you can’t possibly win if you don’t buy a ticket. Continue reading


I’m an A-Hole

Recently I had a stellar wife moment. Before I get into the details of my bitch-fit, I should clarify that I love my husband, and I believe we have a healthy and mostly happy marriage… but there are days I prefer daydreaming of “Hollywood-Chris” (pick one: Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, yada yada yada), the man in my mind that does and says all the right things at the perfectly scripted moment… *cue swoon* Anywhoo… back to my mini-meltdown. Continue reading

You Do-What?

Not sure how many times I have to explain to people what a Doula is. Often we are interchanged with Midwives. Oiy! These two professions are not even close to the same thing. But I remember, there was a day when I had no idea what a Doula was either. Continue reading

Dear Husband

One of my (many) pet-peeves about being a wife (and woman) is how many husbands (and men) think we are impossible to please. The truth is women are complicated (if you haven’t figured this out yet… go out and buy a “Women for Dummies” book asap). But realize that complicated does not equate to impossible. Speaking on behalf of myself, I don’t not expect the men in my life to always understand me. My expectation is that they endeavor to TRY to understand me or why I do something. I realize that this isn’t always possible, and we are bound to “agree to disagree”. My brain is certainly not wired the same as a mans. I can accept that and appreciate that we are different and that it is through our differences that make us stronger together.

In an effort to drop the veil of confusion I thought I would draft a list of 5 things that I believe would likely improve most relationships. So Men… take notes. Continue reading

And so I begin…

Contributing to this whole blog trend has been something I’ve considered for well over a year. I’ve tossed it around, kiboshed it, reconsidered it, doubted it, and on and on. My biggest obstacle… “What do I have to contribute to an oversaturated world of knowledge and opinion?”

The only conclusion I’ve come to is that I don’t have a unique opinion nor do I have some inconceivable knowledge not yet discovered. Admitting this to myself has been a difficult realization. I’ve always wanted to be more, felt it to my core, that I was meant for more and yet somewhere along the way I’ve let myself down. The truth is I’m completely and utterly average. I’m in my early 30’s, I have a young family, a successful career and more financial stability than I would’ve dreamed of (no, I’m not rich… but I’m comfortably middle class. Born into a low-income family, middle class is definitely SUCCESS!). I hold no strong political views nor do I advocate for anything so strongly as to insist others see my point of view. I’m conservative, calculated and the model of responsibility. Blah!  I’m boring myself…

I digress… While I haven’t yet figure out how or what I will contribute… none of that matters. I AM ENOUGH! A slogan I’m slowly allowing to manifest in my brain.

Step 1: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! … (now hear it religiously in my head) CHECK
Step 2: Do something you WANT for no reason… (start a blog) CHECK
Step 3: Allow yourself to fail… (there is no right answer to my opinion) CHECK
Step 4: Don’t give up… WORK IN PROGRESS

And so I begin…