And so I begin…

Contributing to this whole blog trend has been something I’ve considered for well over a year. I’ve tossed it around, kiboshed it, reconsidered it, doubted it, and on and on. My biggest obstacle… “What do I have to contribute to an oversaturated world of knowledge and opinion?”

The only conclusion I’ve come to is that I don’t have a unique opinion nor do I have some inconceivable knowledge not yet discovered. Admitting this to myself has been a difficult realization. I’ve always wanted to be more, felt it to my core, that I was meant for more and yet somewhere along the way I’ve let myself down. The truth is I’m completely and utterly average. I’m in my early 30’s, I have a young family, a successful career and more financial stability than I would’ve dreamed of (no, I’m not rich… but I’m comfortably middle class. Born into a low-income family, middle class is definitely SUCCESS!). I hold no strong political views nor do I advocate for anything so strongly as to insist others see my point of view. I’m conservative, calculated and the model of responsibility. Blah!  I’m boring myself…

I digress… While I haven’t yet figure out how or what I will contribute… none of that matters. I AM ENOUGH! A slogan I’m slowly allowing to manifest in my brain.

Step 1: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! … (now hear it religiously in my head) CHECK
Step 2: Do something you WANT for no reason… (start a blog) CHECK
Step 3: Allow yourself to fail… (there is no right answer to my opinion) CHECK
Step 4: Don’t give up… WORK IN PROGRESS

And so I begin…


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