Confession – The first of many…

I feel the need to confess something… I’ve been utterly ecstatic by how well “Business of Self Care – Part II” has been received. I’ve gotten the most views on my blog so far (which isn’t much to tell you the truth, but it’s exceeded my very low expectations) and I have honestly had feedback from people who “get it”. In any case, there has been something bothering me about it. The photos I posted of myself, which if I’m honest, I LOVE. I feel like they capture my personality and have given me the perspective I needed desperately over the last year. But the truth is, those pictures are not a depiction of the “everyday” me. Obviously, my hair and makeup were done fabulously (thank you again Heather @obsidianartistry) and the photo re-touching certainly did me favours in all the right places (forever grateful George @georgedimitrovphotography). However, on a day like today, I’m wearing no make up, leggings and sporting some lovely monthly hormone acne. Something I failed to mention in my post was how important it is to embrace this side of yourself as well. It’s a great thing to be able to put lipstick on and magically have more confidence. But that isn’t the reality that most of us live in day in and day out.

The real challenge to self care is to accept yourself the way you are (*cue Bruno Mars*). I would be lying to you if I told you one photoshoot in some lacy undies sorted all that out for me. What it did do, is point me down the path to love ME in a way I’ve been denying myself for quite sometime. I have a lot of work to do with my self confidence and I’m working on that. Like those pictures, writing this blog is another way I’m feeding my soul. This endeavour alone is something I never had the confidence to do. I was too afraid I would suck and fail at it (verdict is still out on that one folks), but what I’m learning is I can’t fail at something I believe in so passionately. I can tell you I write from the heart… every single thing I’ve written thus far stemmed from some experience or moment that I felt the need to talk about. For those of you who don’t know me… I’m a talker (and a hugger, but we’ll get into that later). In the last 5 years I’ve been so afraid to talk, speak my mind, be heard… I didn’t feel like my opinion was valuable. Maybe it’s not, but it is to me. It will surprise you who is listening even when you think you are all alone.

At the end of the day, one of my values for this blog is to be authentic and real (or average as I like to say). So in the spirit of this I’ve decided to add another slideshow of some “not so pretty” pictures of myself. Literally these are pictures I cringe at revealing. But they are me… 100% raw.

*Note: I have added captions to each picture as to why I dislike them, to be fair some reasons are stupid, I’m aware.

For your viewing pleasure (if you dare, HA!).


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