Spouse Swap

It’s obvious to most people that domesticity is changing rapidly in our society. There are seemingly more husbands choosing to stay home and wives returning to work to build their careers. In the last few years, my husband and I have almost completely switched the stereotypical gender roles in our marriage. While on a recent “getaway” weekend we laughed more than once at the expectation versus our reality. At breakfast one morning, my husband ordered tea while I opted for my usual coffee. When a server (other than the one who took our order) brought us our beverages, they automatically assumed the tea was for me. At dinner that night I ordered the Bison Tenderloin, while my husband ordered the lighter chicken meal… and the one that made us both laugh was during lunch I ordered a beer while my husband stuck with water. Once again, a server instinctively gave the beer to him. Isn’t it interesting how these gender roles are somehow ingrained in all of us? Continue reading