About “Everyday” Me

Why me?? A question I constantly ask myself. Why read my blog? How am I different? Why does any of this matter. Fact is, IT DOESN’T. I write this blog as my personal pursuit to happiness. If you are reading any of my nonsense and find any of it cause to like, dislike, comment or share… so be it. If not, move along. This is a compilation of my personal views, opinions and moody behaviour. I do not wish to be unique and different from every other blog writer, but rather to an authentic version of myself (in whatever messy way is about to unravel itself).

Now for the basics…
I’m a working mother, wife, 30-something “fill in the blank“. Recently realized I’m experiencing what I expect is an early version of a midlife crisis (and on that note, WOW; I have a lot of mental instability to look forward to). Trying to navigate this crazy life I lead and hoping that with hard work and a little bit of luck everything I want to accomplish will inevitably follow.


Enjoy my crazy candor,


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